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      Stuart SA6 Mini Vortex Mixer
      Stuart SA6 Mini Vortex Mixer Stuart SA6 Mini Voretex mixer

      Variable Speed Mini Vortex Mixer - SA6

      Variable speed up to 4500rpm
      Compact size
      Push switch operation

      A robust die cast construction vortex mixer. Features a sophisticated inbuilt counterbalance system and suction cup feet to prevent any walking issues, so often associated with budget vortex mixers. Simple push to operate control, for quick and effective mixing. Mixing speed is variable to suit most applications. Incorporates a powerful brushless DC motor for maintenance free operation.

      Speed range 2500 to 4500rpm
      Touch mode Yes
      Orbit diameter 4.5mm
      Tube diameter Up to 30mm
      Dimensions (w x d x h) 100 x 100 x 67mm
      Net weight 0.55kg
      IP Rating IP43
      Electrical Supply 100-240V, 50 60Hz, 15W

      Ordering Information

      Model Description
      SA6 Mini Vortex Mixer, Variable speed

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