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      HM250C HM1000C HM Group

      HM Series of Heating Mantles

      - Controlled up to 450ºC
      - Range of sizes available
      - Tough lightweight, easy to clean aluminium casing
      - Integrated clamp fitting

      The HM series are a range of controlled heating mantles, available in a range of sizes to accommodate round bottom flasks from 50ml to 1000ml. The entire range is constructed with a robust aluminium casing, making them tough and easy to clean.

      All units feature an integrated clamp rod fitting to enable secure fitting of a standard clamp rod. Non slip feet are also fitted as standard.

      For added safety, all units feature an emergency cut out which will automatically trigger in the event of a spillage.

      Technical specification

      Model Flask Capacity Dimensions, mm (d x w x h) Electrical supply
      HM50C 50ml 175 x 175 x 150 230V, 50 60Hz, 85W
      HM100C 100ml 175 x 175 x 150 230V, 50 60Hz, 120W
      HM250C 250ml 175 x 175 x 150 230V, 50 60Hz, 230W
      HM500C 500ml 220 x 220 x 170 230V, 50 60Hz, 330W
      HM1000C 1000ml 220 x 220 x 170 230V, 50 60Hz, 440W

      Ordering Information

      Model Description
      HM50C Controlled heating mantle for 50ml flasks
      HM100C Controlled heating mantle for 100ml flasks
      HM250C Controlled heating mantle for 250ml flasks
      HM500C Controlled heating mantle for 500ml flasks
      HM1000C Controlled heating mantle for 1000ml flasks

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