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      SM5/ Mini stirrer

      - Lightweight stirrer
      - Capable of stirring up to 1L
      - Universal power adaptor
      - Choice of designs
      - With BioCote antimicrobial protection

      The SM5 mini stirrer from Stuart is a powerful magnetic stirrer, capable of stirring up to 1 litre, the stirring speed is adjustable up to 2,000rpm. The mini stirrer is available in a choice of designs, please ensure you use the correct order code to receive your chosen model.

      The unit is made from robust polypropylene with a chemically resistant polycarbonate top.

      Technical Specification

      Capacity, Litres 1
      Speed, rpm 350 to 2,000
      Weight, g 500
      Dimensions, w x d x h, mm 143 x 143 x 66
      Electrical supply 120-230V, 50-60Hz
      IP Rating IPX1

      Ordering Information

      Model Description
      SM5/STUART Stuart mini stirrer, Stuart fascia
      SM5/BIBBY Stuart mini stirrer, Bibby fascia
      SM5/SWIRL Stuart mini stirrer, Swirl fascia

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