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      The Stuart range of hotplates are available in a range of sizes, the smallest being 16x16cm, the medium sized units are 30x30cm and the largest are 30x50cm. Most units are available with analogue or digital control and with a ceramic or metal surface. The CP300 has been specifically designed for acid resistance for those applications where boiling acid for long periods of time is necessary. The CR300 infra red hotplate offers infra red heating rather than traditional resistance elements, this gives the greatest control available and fastest heat up times.

      Premium Hotplates

      Digital Hotplates

      Analogue Hotplates

      UC150 & US150 Hotplates

      Hotplate16x16cm Digital

      Hotplate 30x30cm Analogue

      Hotplates 30x30cm and 30x50cm Digital

      Hotplates 30x50cm Analogue

      Hotplate Infra Red

      Hotplate Acid resistant