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      SRC5 SRC 14

      Recirculating Cooler's - SRC5, SRC14

      Digitally set temperature
      Easy to read LED display
      Quiet operation
      Powerful 450W cooling capacity
      Safety cut out feature

      The recirculating cooler offers powerful cooling for an external device. By accurately controlling the temperature of your cooling medium down to -20°C, efficiency of operations such as condensing can be greatly improved. A recirculating cooler is not only much more powerful than conventional water cooling, but is also an ideal alternative when water consumption is an issue for economical, environmental or practical reasons.

      The SRC5 provides a powerful cooler with a compact footprint suitable for mounting on or under a bench. The LED digital display clearly shows the current temperature of the cooling medium to ±2°C, while the set temperature is revealed by a one button press.

      The unit has a dedicated drain for easy emptying and cleaning. It also incorporates a built in safety alarm to indicate an overload relay for the refrigeration unit. A dust filter is incorporated and can be accessed without tools via the removable front panel.

      Recirculating cooler, SRC14

      With all the features of the SRC5 the SRC14 is ideal where larger volumes are required, or when extra cooling capacity is needed, electron microscopes for example. The unit is floor standing with lockable easy roll castors to ensure excellent mobility.

      SRC5 SRC14
      Cooling capacity 450W at 10°C 1050W at 10°C*
      Temperature range -20 to +30°C -20 to +30°C
      Control accuracy ± 1°C (30 to 0°C), ± 2°C (-1 to -20°C) ± 2°C
      Bath capacity 3 litres 16.5 litres
      Pump rate 9 litres minute 12 litres minute
      Dimensions (w x d x h) 205 x 445 x 545mm 354 x 384 x 851mm
      Net weight 28kg 43kg
      Electrical supply 220V, 50Hz 220V,50Hz

      * At room temperature of 20ºC

      Model Description
      SRC5 Recirculating cooler, 3 litre capacity
      SRC14 Recirculating cooler, 16.5 litre capacity

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