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      Hotplate Stirrers

      Stuart offers a comprehensive range of hotplate stirrers, units are available in two sizes 16x16cm and 30x30cm. 30x30cm units all have simple analogue control and are available with either a robust metal alloy surface or a chemically resistant ceramic one.
      The 16x16cm units are available with simple analogue control, digital control and there are also units that are analogue but can be controlled by a seperate temperature controller. All are available with metal or ceramic surfaces. There is also an infra red model the CR302 which offers infra red heating rather than resistance elements, allowing for faster heating rates.

      Premium Hotplate Stirrers

      Digital Hotplate Stirrers

      Analogue Hotplate Stirrers

      UC152 & US152 Hotplate Stirrers

      Digital Undergrad Hotplate Stirrers

      SCT1 temperature controller

      Heating Blocks

      Hotplate stirrer 16x16cm Digital

      Hotplate Stirrer 30x30cm Analogue

      Hotplate Stirrer Multiposition

      Hotplate Stirrer 30x30cm Infra Red

      Hotplate Stirrer Kits